En Familia

En Familia Sessions

En Famiila is a bilingual English-Spanish five-session knowledge and skills building program for implementation with low-income Latino families at Latino-serving community-based organizations. En Familia's goal is to improve families' ability and confidence to find, use, and understand health care services and information.


Session 1: Plan Ahead

Session 1 introduces families to the En Familia program, and provides an overview of En Familia's topics, general participantion guidelines, and the importance of the knowledge and skills families will learn in the program.

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Session 2: Make a Medical Visit Appointment

Session 2 focuses on how families can find medical services that meet their needs, including: finding the best medical facility for their family situation and illness, finding the best way to pay for medical services, and making a medical visit appointment.

Session 3: Prepare for the Medical Visit

Session 3 provides families with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for their medical visit, including: understanding their patient rights, the importance of creating questions to ask the doctor in advance of their medical visit, the skills to complete a medical history form.

Session 4: At the Medical Visit

Session 4 covers the skills that families will need during medical visits. Families will develop the skills to ensure they understand their diagnoses, treatment plans, and next steps, using a technique called "Teach Back." Families will also learn the importance of follow up visits.

Session 5: Follow Up

Session 5 discusses all the steps a person should take to put the doctor's advice intro action. More specifically, families will learn how to follow doctors' orders, when to go back to the doctor—including maintaining health through annual wellness visits—and how to take prescription medications correctly.